How to Create a Facebook Page for small Business (with screenshots)

A Facebook Page which is also known as "Fan Page" is a single page that you can create off of the domain for anything you want. You can create a Facebook page particular any subject you like: a celebrity, a business profile, whatever you want (as long as you have the legal rights to do so). Think of it as a one-page meeting place, with information, links, a message … [Read more...]

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently (with screenshots)

You cannot always wipe the slate clean and start over in real life, but you can certainly do it on Facebook! Sometimes it is easier to just delete Facebook account permanently than to fiddle with privacy settings or clean out your friends list on your current one. You can also Deactivating your Facebook account, that will temporarily hide your information, but deletion is … [Read more...]

How to Create a New Facebook Account (with screenshots)

It is not easy ever before to create a new Facebook account. This step by step guide help you how to create a new Facebook account with screenshots. In this article we learn How to Create a New Facebook Account. For same follow the step as under: How to Create a New Facebook Account: Step 1: If you have an existing account, you will need to delete it before creating a … [Read more...]